Virtual assistants can “do it all.” Whatever your business needs or requires, a virtual assistant can help you achieve your goals. Whether simple management tasks or problem-solving, a VA is trained and skilled to offer their services to you. Virtual assistants are professionals who perform the day-to-day administrative, accounting, or human resources tasks from a remote office. They only need their laptops or personal computers and a strong internet connection to deliver the best service. In today’s fast-paced environment and the ever-evolving technology in the business world, companies seek new ways to increase productivity and streamline their operations. VAs have emerged as game changers as they continue to improve efficiency in the workplace while being cost-efficient. With the right virtual assistant working for your company, you can delegate time-consuming tasks such as scheduling, emailing, answering phone calls and messages, data entry, and other administrative tasks to them while you’re able to focus on strengthening business connections and growth. 

The human resources department is one of the pillars of a business. Through it, the concerns of employees, the businesses policies and guides, as well as screening of prospective candidates pass through. Your virtual assistant can help you with scheduling interviews with prospects, plot your appointment calendar, and prepare meetings with employees to make sure that it’s hassle-free and organized. With skilled virtual assistants in your human resources department, they will be able to provide support to the team in the best possible way. 

Here are the top 4 ways that a our Human Resource Virtual Assistant is equipped with the right knowledge and skill to use messaging and video conferencing tools such as Slack, WhatsApp, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams to effectively communicate with either prospects or your company’s employees.


Calendar Management is probably one of the best features a virtual assistant has to offer. As you turn your calendar over to your virtual assistant, they will make sure to plot all of your appointment and meetings on the correct time and date. They can also block out certain times of your day to ensure that every meeting is set from the highest priority to the lowest. To effectively manage your calendar, the VA can set up reminders for your schedules to help you prepare and review what needs to be discussed during those appointments. They can also be the ones to send invite links for video conferencing through Google or Microsoft Calendar, whichever is the one that your company is using. After following up with your respondents, your VA will make sure to plot new meetings, interviews, or any other appointments on your calendar in case there have been any rescheduled events. Your HR virtual assistant understands the importance of meeting prospects and people who can add value to the company so there should be little to no missed appointments. If it’s something that can be worked around with your schedule, your virtual assistant can help you get through it.


The sooner you get a virtual assistant at your disposal, the lesser chaos your calendar will be in. Once a virtual assistant takes part in scheduling your day-to-day tasks, they will take over communicating with your designated appointments. From answering employee queries to confirming appointments with prospects, your HR virtual assistant can improve your scheduling by making a list of your appointments and making sure that each has the correct duration so you can spend your time wisely. Sometimes during rush office hours, there’s a tendency for you to inadvertently omit certain information, especially attendees of your interviews or meetings since you’ve been swamped by a lot of faces during the day, but rest assured that your virtual assistant will get everything in order for you. This is also to make sure that you’re not forgetting important or essential people during your meetings. 


In most cases wherein the meetings will take place on-site and not online, rest assured that your virtual assistant can still help you out in achieving your goals. Not only is a virtual assistant equipped with handling things best online, but they are also helpful for onsite work. They are trained to use Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides and aid you in your creative materials days or even hours before your scheduled meetings. From making simple backdrops for your company’s regular meetings to informative slides regarding employee concerns or corporate by-laws for onboarding new hires, your virtual assistant will definitely be of service to your needs. In case there’s also a need to book venues for face-to-face meetings, your virtual assistant can also book those for you. They can scurry the internet for the best options and get your approval to officially set things in motion. You’ll only be needing to bring yourself to your appointments because it’s certain that with the right VA, they will handle everything in place for you.